Bora Bora Whales

UPDATE - 24th August, 2016The whales are well & truly back in the waters surrounding Bora Bora.Here are a couple of photos taken by leading professional photographer Stephan Debelle snapped just 2 days ago - 22 August, 2016. They give readers a glimpse of what they will actually see … [Read More...]

Coconut Tree Climbing Championship Of The World

Over 2000 years ago the coconut was an essential component of the great oceanic migrations of the Polynesians, indeed a major source of life. The coconut was easy to transport, did not rot over a long period of time whilst remaining a good food source throughout & took root easily once on … [Read More...]

Guess How The Olympic Flame Arrived In Rio

In an earlier report on this site covering the Hawaiki Nui Va'a - the greatest outrigger canoe race of them all - it was recorded this way: "The va’a (outrigger canoe) symbolizes the fundamental link between man & sea; in the case of Polynesians it represents the essence of their … [Read More...]

Bora Bora Heiva – The Official Photographer’s Take

As the Heiva I Bora Bora 2016 unfolds to reveal the Polynesian’s love to celebrate in a spirit of joy through song & dance, here’s Bora Bora Insider’s:  "A Photo A Day" – a pictorial guide taking readers on an adventure through the Heiva.Each day Bora Bora Insider will select a photo … [Read More...]

Party In Bora Bora’s Lagoon

Blessed by an extremely generous Mother Nature, bathed in the world’s most beautiful lagoon & backed by a totally stunning mountain range is it any wonder that those who visit these beautiful shores dream of celebrating as only Bora Bora can.And so it was on Bastille Day, the most … [Read More...]

Otu Motoï – Bora Bora’s “Motu of Circumcision”

In a meeting of Bora Bora’s Municipal Council just last month (May 2016) it was moved by councillor Ato Tinorua – to whom I am grateful for the details that follow -  that the public space along the waterfront at Vaitape Quay currently known as ‘Place Motoi’ revert to its original name of … [Read More...]

Bora Bora Heiva – Guide to Wining & Dining

Unbeknown to many visitors to Bora Bora the striking buildings fashioned from vegetal materials that so beautifully frame the Heiva Ceremonial area are, in fact, a series of enchanting restaurants.In an array of ingenious designs, the ‘baraques’ as they are known to locals, are crafted … [Read More...]

Oa Oa Lodge, Bora Bora

Oa is a Tahitian word meaning “to be happy & content; to rejoice”. Oa Oa signifies “Twice the Happiness, Twice the Contentedness &…….Twice the Rejoicing". The newly managed & freshly refurbished Oa Oa Lodge is appropriately named & very much so!After several years providing … [Read More...]