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Shark Feeding – Bora Bora

Those adrenaline rushes flowing from outings such as those appearing in the sensational photos below may be a thing of the past………………………People come to Bora Bora from all over the world to see the sharks, to feed the sharks………… to swim with, well, swim on the sharks. Whilst some say that … [Read More...]

Shark, Ray & Tropical Fish Encounters in Bora Bora, Paradise On Earth.

Out & about in paradise last week with Bora Bora's leading wedding planner - Bora Bora Insider - Wedding Planner- taking in the world's most beautiful lagoon. This is an outing that never ceases to amaze, a voyage where one is humbled by a truly generous Mother Nature.We were aboard a … [Read More...]

AEA – Wedding Bora Bora

I came to Tahiti in 1995 &, together with my Tahitian wife, Myriama, spent a number of wonderful years living in Vairao (right next to the legendary Teahupoo), then later in Papeete & finally in beautiful Papara. By 2012 we were fully settled in Bora Bora where in 2014 we staged Bora … [Read More...]

Wedding Bora Bora – Testimonials

I have recently copied & pasted here all testimonials appearing on the Wedding Bora Bora web-site, a site over which I have no control & which is not associated with weddings conducted by Roderick or by Aea.Further references can be found on Reviews on Facebook - the Facebook site … [Read More...]

Maraamu Surf Ski Race

The Maraamu Surf Ski Race, part of the World Championship in the discipline, is more than the greatest downwind race of them all. With a favourable swell, these canoes, weighing slightly over 9 kilograms for around 6 meters in length yet only slightly wider than your hips see adrenalin levels … [Read More...]


You're on your honeymoon in Bora Bora - a couple of glorious days in the world's most beautiful lagoon just chilling out ……… After 2-3 days 'sun-baking' - you're looking for something new something special to celebrate your commitment to a lifelong love. You're only going to do this once after … [Read More...]

Bora Bora Bars

Bora Bora has her bars - but where are the best bars, what do they offer, what are their individual specialities, when are they open, do dress codes apply..…….Most bars are found in the Matira/Vaitape areas. Not all bars are ‘stand-alone’ operations – there are a number of good ‘watering … [Read More...]

Bora Bora – Are You Joking???

It just got worse!!!!Just 2 months after my initial post dated 26th May, 2017 - see report below - on a morning when 2,600 passengers arrived aboard a cruise-liner, I am in town heading to my bank & intrigued by, to the extent of being uncomfortable with, the large crowd gathered around … [Read More...]

Tahiti-Helicopters, Bora Bora / Tupai – Closed!

As of today Tahiti-Helicopters is no longer operational. After 10 years of operation & around $US8 million invested the company has handed back to the government its permit to land on Tupai & closed its doors permanently reportedly on the basis of on-going financial difficulties.The … [Read More...]

Taurua Varua

Those wishing to have a more profound understanding of this exceptional & Unique Cultural Ceremony should click the link included herewith for a fascinating insight into the event.1st NIGHT OF CELEBRATORY COMPETITION - FAANUIAfter days of persistent rain the sudden glorious sunset … [Read More...]