Barack in Bora Bora

Barack Obama is winging into Tahiti today from Honolulu aboard a private jet to spend a month in paradise.

He’ll be staying at The Brando on Titiaroa, a new , very up-market ecologically minded hotel ranked consistently amongst the best in the world, & of course coming to Bora Bora – now why is that not a surprise!

Little of such events leaks out to the press but could it be only a co-incidence that Rising Sun, a much celebrated & admired superyacht measuring only a tick under 140m, and as such one of the largest boats in the world,  is currently resting quietly in the beautiful waters of Moorea. The owners of Rising Sun are none other than Ellerson & David Geffen two of the biggest donars to the USA  Democratic Party.


We wish them smooth seas.

Just adding to the above…. here’s a shot of the Obama’s landing in Tahiti just before 3.30pm – nice Straight to the Brando from there:


Living in Bora Bora can be fascinating. Just 2 days after writing this article I awoke to find this in front of home just down from Bloody Marys:


The beautiful 3 mastered yacht is Eos – at 93m she was the largest yacht in the world when launched in 2006. She remains the 4th largest in the world today & valued at over $US150 million. For those who enjoy detail, her 3 masts are each 61m high……..the maximum allowed for a boat to be able to pass underneath the major bridges of the world!!!

I’ve posted the shot here as the superyacht in the background astern of Eos is none other than Rising Sun, up to check out Bora Bora in advance of welcoming important visitors aboard.

Ah the good life!




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