Heiva I Waikiki 2016

The week-end just passed marked the staging of the inaugural Heiva I Waikiki, a celebration of Tahitian culture through dance, music, craft & traditional sports. Although due to be staged over Saturday & Sunday with the traditional sports events at Waikiki Beach Walk & the dance competition on the Sunday at the Hawaii Theatre, the threats of a hurricane saw Waikiki Beach Walk cancel the booking just before it was due to start whilst the Hawaii Theatre moved the booking to Monday.

Undaunted, the event organisers – Tahiti Mana – made a smart decision to move day 1 to the fantastic facilities of Bishop Museum, whilst reluctantly accepting the move of day 2 to the Monday ….. in a stroke of good management, with the hurricane failing to eventuate, Tahiti Mana staged a ‘mini Heiva’ at Ala Moana on the Sunday for those groups whose bookings would not permit them to stay on until Monday. A massive success with some of the event prize winners coming from the day!

What is interesting for those in Bora Bora is that Tahiti Mana is seriously considering coming to the Heiva I Bora Bora next year.

The excellent facilities of the Bishop Museum provided a tremendous backdrop with it’s top-knotch outdoor entertaining area for the Tu’aro Maohi (Traditional Tahitian Sports). It was a great preparation the first World Coconut Tree Championships which will be conducted in Tahiti next year.

Here’s a guy from Hawaii competing in the Heiva I Waikiki who’ll surely be competing in the World Championships:

Tahiti’s Enoch Laughlin, the unchallenged world expert on Tu’aro Maohi was there to judge & offer assistance & advice.

The dancing competition saw the Hawaii Theatre packed to the rafters. As the event was open to competitors from across the globe competition was held in 2 categories – solo ( groups of 6 dancers. As a sign of the importance of the event the judging panel included Makau Foster, head of the legendary dance group Tamariki Poerani & Heremoana Maamaatuaiahutapu, the Tahitian Minister for Culture.

Looking forward to seeing Tahiti Mana in Bora Bora & having the Hawaiians over for the Heiva & the World Coconut  Tree Climbing Championships. Also greatly looking forward to next year’s Heiva I Waikiki – with the tests this year’s event offered soundly conquered, next year will be HUGE!




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