Guess How The Olympic Flame Arrived In Rio

In an earlier report on this site covering the Hawaiki Nui Va’a – the greatest outrigger canoe race of them all – it was recorded this way:

“The va’a (outrigger canoe) symbolizes the fundamental link between man & sea; in the case of Polynesians it represents the essence of their civilization. As the means by which Polynesians came to their lands the va’a also transported the plants & animals necessary for their survival thereby providing the structural organization which would have profound social, political, cultural & religious impact on the Pacific region.

Today the racing of va’a is a national sport for Polynesians & a sport enjoyed internationally. It’s a sport which permitted handicapped people to participate in their Olympic Games in 2012.

The Hawaiki’nui Va’a is the ultimate expression of that sport – a sense of ancestry & tradition combined with progress & development, extreme challenge & great comraderie, individual best & team synchronisation, planning & strategy combined with effort, determination & courage. Va’a is a sport of many facets, a great sport.”

So how did the Olympic flame arrive in Rio de Janiero?

By va’a, of course!

Our friends at CNN captured it this way:


In case you are wondering, the outrigger canoe (va’a) came to Hawaii from Tahiti! An often used route, especially for those in the Leeward Islands, was Bora Bora to Takapoto, thence to Nuku Hiva & on to Hawaii.

Good luck to all those paddling in the 2016 Olympics.


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