Kapena in Concert on Bora Bora

Kapena (Hawaiian for ‘Captain’) & the Hawaiian band bearing the name with its charismatic, ukulele playing leader Kelly Boy De Lima form one of Hawaii’s most versatile & successful bands. With over 20 CD’s to their credit they have a large following.


Kapena grew from a trio of friends who played together at school & in various talent quests in Hawaii to become one of Hawaii’s greatest acts. Like many successful groups they commenced playing in a bar – Sparky’s Lounge – where they recorded their first album live earning the group a nomination for the “Na Hoku Award” award for “Most Promising New Artist.” Kapena would go on to win 2 Hoku Awards – for “The Best Hawaiian Contemporary Album of the Year” and for “The Group of the Year”! More success would follow with Kapena albums skyrocketing to #1 on the Hawaiian & on the Hawaiian Reggae charts.

The configuration of the band has developed over time & it’s now very much a family affair with Kelly Boy’s 2 daughters & son joining the line up & his wife making regular vocal appearances but the music maintains that ‘good feelin’ sound’ & the success keeps coming.




Kapena ‘keep in touch’ via considerable live work performing weekly at various Hawaiian venues & through undertaking regular tours throughout the South Pacific & mainland USA as well as playing in Japan. They have twice toured Tahiti in the past.

The venue in Bora Bora on this occasion for Kapena is the well-appointed & excellently situated Sofitel Marara Beach Resort built by the legendary film producer Dino de Laurentiis when he was shooting ‘Hurricane’. It’s an excellent venue which regularly puts on concerts open to the public thereby adding greatly to Bora Bora’s night-life. It was a moment of great applause & not a little satisfaction when Kelly Boy invited Sofitel’s Public Relations & Events Manager, John Menezes on stage to perform together:


Kapena is a very polished performance. This is a group at ease with it’s audience. There is an acute understanding of the instruments they are playing combined with voices of great range & variety. It all adds up to a performance offering a rare blend of wonderfully balanced harmonies. As with many quality performers the group is filled with artists capable of writing & performing their own works, many absolute gems. It’s rare to find such talent in the absence of electronic support but Kapena has a pure, balanced, symmetrical sound.

Whichever way you look at it – from the front:


or from the back:


it adds up to one great act!


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