Springtime Musical of the Pacific

There are times when “Musique en Polynesie” presents renowned artists in their particular field for a series of musical  rendez-vous accompanied as necessary by Tahiti’s leading musicians from the Conservatory.

Tonight was such a night in Bora Bora when brilliant guitarists Pedro Soler & Philippe Mouratoglou strummed a night of Flamingo at the poolside bar of the Sofitel Marara:



Pedro Soler has played with most, if not all, of the world’s very best Flamingo guitarist both at home & on world tours. He also directed the “Guitares au Palais” festival in the Pyrenees. He has recorded over 20 albums more recently with his son.

Pedro, the maestro:


Philippe Mouratoglou is a renowned French classical guitarist known internationally for the concerts he gives with the soprano Ariane Wohlhunter touring with him in Polynesia but regretably not singing in Bora Bora.

Philippe – great sensitivity:


“The Flamingo”, said Spaniard Pedro, “gives the guitarist the chance to find their guitar roots & is an excellent medium through which the guitars can ‘talk’ to one-another”.

The two guitarist took an enthralled crowd for a Flamingo tour right through Spain.

Excellent to have artists of this calibre visiting our shores in Bora Bora

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