Taurea Event – Bora Bora Party Time

An action packed day at the Teriimaevarua Sporting Complex geared towards the ‘Millennials’ as they are known – those born from the 80’s onwards – with a recreational theme during the day involving games, various sports, car audios & so on, then a night packed with dance & band competitions, a concert with guest stars IRIE Locals then well-known DJ T.UNiiiT rounding it all out at mid-night.

The Taurea Event – a day for the youth organized by the youth; it started in the best way any day can start – with a wake-me-up Zumba session. As the sunrays appeared, the music pounded out at the foot of Mt Otemanu & the blood got flowing, the heart beat racing:



There were va’a (outrigger canoe paddling) races today & some were saving their energy from the stands:


A distinguished guest – none other than Gaston Tong Sang, Mayor of Bora Bora for the last 25 years & former President of French Polynesia – tells me with a wry smile: “The tee-shirts with ‘Staff’ marked on the back are apparently given out specially to those that are working today!”


The youth organizing today’s spectacle had decided that the day would carry a theme – ‘Prevention & Awareness’ was the order of the day. It would be not just an alcohol & other drug free day but participants would be able to profit from a number of exhibitions ranging from ‘You Are What You Eat’, through matters surrounding the protection of the environment, employment, & land title issues (a major issue in Bora Bora), to Animara (the equivalent of the Society for the Protection of Animals):




It was an excellent, well prepared & well informed series of stands for which the organisers deserve special praise. What’s more – it clearly worked as witnessed by these two eager readers:


Beside the stands can be found a first class petanque facility. A game dear to the hearts of Tahitians, the petanque was already under way & would continue well into the night:

taurea petanque

The patanque grounds in fact adjoin an enclosed & fully equipped children’s play area. For the tourist the well maintained & clean Teriimaevarua Sporting Complex represents a wonderful area for a work-out, some sport or just simple exercise. There’s a full size football pitch surrounded by a grass running track, a fitness circuit involving a pleasant seaside run in the park lands, a skate-board area, tennis courts, a good swimming area & showers as well as indoor basketball & futsal facilities. Well worth keeping in mind when visiting Bora Bora.

In the meantime the action moved, not surprisingly, to the water, to the va’a, an international sport growing at an incredible pace, practiced world-wide & where the Tahitians rule the world. This is a much loved & greatly practiced sport in the islands. The following photos show the 8-9 year old winners followed by the finish of the 9-10 age group:



This is not easy – it involves both power & co-ordination plus great teamsmanship. Once finished paddlers flop into the water to cool off or preferably gather at another favourite spot:


Once showered-down it’s almost a ritual to head back out into the lagoon to watch the others paddle with the latest floatable invention – using one’s T-shirt for buoyancy:


The next race – for 12 & 13 year olds – would be a cracker. It would mark the first race back home in Bora Bora for the team that won the recent Eimeo Va’a – the Interschools Championship of French Polynesia held last week Moorea. It was a great battle from start to finish. Here’s the exciting finish & a shot of the winning all girls crew……….. it’s also a girl who ‘stroked’ the over-all winning crew. Va’a in Bora Bora is certainly in good hands:



Plenty of fun ahead for those that paddled so strongly:






The V1 events would follow with the woman’s event first off:



The first 3 paddlers in the event are members of Team Bora Bora, a group of leading Bora Bora paddlers who are preparing to represent French Polynesia at the upcoming Pacific Games (New Guinea in July) &  then the effective open water World Championships for women, the Na Wahine O Ke Kai held in Hawaii each year crossing the immortal channel that separates Maui from Oahu. Team Bora Bora finished a powerful 4th last year & will be heading back to Hawaii this year in search of being first home.

The men would now prepare for the V1 event forming a picturesque background to the young who ‘played on’:



Oops, I almost forgot, this was just not another kid’s fun day………here’s the start & finish of the men’s V1:



The day’s activities moved to the SUP (stand-up-paddle) a relatively recent sport & a current favourite of the you & possessing its own world titles circuit. Bora Bora – an idealic setting for such an event:


And the kids floated along in the deep blue awaiting the charge of the SUP….


Winner of the woman’s event then the fight out of the finish in the men’s division:



The non-stop action would move back to dry land – on the agenda a ‘work-out’ with ‘Shadow Crew’, a jiu-jitsu exhibition & ‘boom-boom’ car audios amongst other things.

First off the blocks – ‘Shadow Crew’, a team of hard training & exceptionally strong ‘high bar gymnasts’. Just check out these moves that thrilled the crowd:




As Tahiti’s performances in the martial arts at an international level continue to rise with important victories at all levels the jiu-jitsu exhibition met with great enthusiasm. Two well credentialed exponents of the noble art were present to assist Radio Bora Bora personality Haunui.

A few shots to give you a feel for the event:





There was one more show & many had been waiting for it, especially since seeing the extensively equipped car that pounded out the music for the morning’s Zumba.

Not to be disappointed a ‘fleet’ of full-on ‘boom boom cars’ drove in & thrilled spectators with the quality of music they are able to produce. This event was literally packed as the following photos show:


It was a great day, a great day by any standards.

The Turea Event night would follow – a night of music & dance bringing rhythm, much laughter & applause from the large crowd present. A night best covered in photos – check it out; you’ll understand immediately, starting with Bora Bora’s own Celine Dion:





Great lyrics employed in this self written number:




This was a BIG performance & man, can they move it!



It was now the moment for guest stars IRIE Locals to get Bora Bora humming.

The band founded in 2011 with its interesting mix of Dub n’ Bass, Reggae, Razza, Ragga Dancehall….. is making plenty of noise in Tahiti where they are in big demand. It is no surprise given the quality play list backed by nicely balanced harmonies between group singers.

These guys were good; very good. It was a polished performance from a group clearly used to performing. Let’s hope they’ll be back!

Once again looking at it from the tourists point of view, especially for those visitors accommodated on the main island, it is nice to have advance notice of guest groups coming to play on the island. There are some areas to iron out in terms of lighting & sound but opportunities such as this are a welcome addition to available night-time activities and only add to the attractions available to travellers.


T UNiiiT joined the party. A skilled DJ that’s been around since 2009 making it all happen in Tahiti, T UNiiiT, with a good selection of material & feel for what the crowd is looking for, would sound out the night:


Bora Bora Rocks!


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