Tahiti-Helicopters, Bora Bora / Tupai – Closed!

As of today Tahiti-Helicopters is no longer operational. After 10 years of operation & around $US8 million invested the company has handed back to the government its permit to land on Tupai & closed its doors permanently reportedly on the … [Read more...]

Taurua Varua – 2016

Those wishing to have a more profound understanding of this exceptional & Unique Cultural Ceremony should click the link included herewith for a fascinating insight into the event.1st NIGHT OF CELEBRATORY COMPETITION - FAANUIAfter days of … [Read more...]

Cock-Fighting In Paradise

November 11th is a day of Remembrance - Armistice Day - a day marked throughout French Polynesia with a gathering of locals at the Cock-Fighting, the oldest known spectator sport in the world &, as reported in my Cock-Fighting Report last year, … [Read more...]

Bora Bora – Politics & Tourists

COMMENT - June 2017 For a destination for which tourism is it's economic motor, where the majority of visitors are english speaking & to a large extent Americans used to living a cash-less society where the credit card plays a central role in … [Read more...]

Coconut Tree Climbing Championship Of The World

Over 2000 years ago the coconut was an essential component of the great oceanic migrations of the Polynesians, indeed a major source of life. The coconut was easy to transport, did not rot over a long period of time whilst remaining a good food … [Read more...]

Otu Motoï – Bora Bora’s “Motu of Circumcision”

In a meeting of Bora Bora’s Municipal Council just last month (May 2016) it was moved by councillor Ato Tinorua – to whom I am grateful for the details that follow -  that the public space along the waterfront at Vaitape Quay currently known as … [Read more...]

Bora Orero – Keeping Culture Alive

The Orero is an ancient artistic form of oral declaration most often taking into account Polynesian genealogy, history & geography delivered as fact if even through legends &, at times, the most amusing of interpretations. As Polynesian is an … [Read more...]

Fishing Bora Bora Heiva

Bora Bora enjoys good year round deep-sea fishing with blue marlin, tuna, yellow fin tuna, mahi mahi, trevally, wahoo, skipjack & jacks amongst others all readily available. It’s a magical place to fish as the off-shore views back to the islands … [Read more...]

Uru (Breadfruit) Beer

Tahiti’s local brewery has been testing a beer made from Uru taking advantage of the breadfruit that grows in abundance throughout the country.Following the success of the Report on the Uru or Breadfruit Tree  this piece of news will create … [Read more...]

Bora Bora – Unique Environment

Today’s tourist is better informed & more discerning about travel destinations than any generation before. As more & more people travel, the quality of the environment has become a primary concern. Today’s tourist is more sensitive to … [Read more...]