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Wild Bees

We headed out early into the foothills of Mts Pahia & Otemanu to an isolated area the Americans used for ammunition storage & particularly for water collection during WWII. During those years there were a series of sources that flowed in the … [Read more...]

Heiva i Bora – 2013

  EVENT OVERVIEWStunning, a knock-out, jaw-dropping, gob-smacking, unreal, (even amaaaaaaazing!) Unique & authentique celebration of Polynesian history & culture; Culturally enriching experience; Wonderful associated casual … [Read more...]

Tahaa from Bora Bora

Wonderfully authentic Tahaa is a pearl often missed by many a tourist. There are no concrete fences here; the roads are flanked by the vibrant colours of the local foliage especially the ever blooming hibiscus. Extremely beautiful are the waters … [Read more...]

Bora Bora on a Budget

You may have heard that: "Bora Bora is exclusive, it’s for the jet-set, it’s expensive!”  Well here’s how to enjoy what’s exclusive, see how the jet-set live & experience one of the most beautiful spots on earth - all on a budget!Getting … [Read more...]

Motu Hopping Around Paradise

Bora Bora, paradise on earth, island of the gods, a land of abundance set in spectacular, mystical, magical scenery in the world’s most beautiful lagoon. There are some wonderful adventures for visitors to be had on Bora Bora by jet-ski or boat, … [Read more...]

Penises Tattooed

That heading hurts!In the history of Polynesian tattooing Bora Bora occupies a special place.In 1791 when Captain Edwards arrived in Bora Bora aboard the 'Pandora' in search of the mutineers of the 'Bounty' he was surprised & intrigued to … [Read more...]

Locating Bora Bora’s Cannons

I am intrigued by the number of people wishing to see the cannons & by their constant disappointment at being unable to locate them when using any of the guidebooks.Those wishing to see the cannons - 8 in total - should be aware of the … [Read more...]

Bora Bora Road Tour

ROAD TOUR AROUND BORA BORA Read in conjunction with this site's Map of Bora Bora on which the placement of sites mentioned in this report are recorded. Vaitape is the logical place from which to commence a tour. A 32km sealed road encircles the … [Read more...]

The Queen’s Bath – Mt Otemanu

CULTURAL RELIC At the foot of Otemanu, shaded by mape (walnut trees) and encircled by petroglyphic honu (turtles), the source Te vaipani flowed on the land of Te-pua-Matari'i to a place where royalty once bathed:Otemanu, where legend holds … [Read more...]

Ofa’i Honu – the Turtle Rock of Bora Bora

BACKGROUND I had been told that below the cliff-face of Mt Pahia in a spot surrounded by large trees & overlooking the source Vai-ati a huge stone turtle Ofa'i Honu (Rock Turtle) could be found which legend held in a union with the cliffs of Mt … [Read more...]