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Tahiti Pearl Regatta – The Bora Leg

Tahiti Pearl Regatta - 2015 UpdateThe Tahiti Pearl Regatta - 2015, the 12th consecutive running of this the largest & most prestigious sailing event of its kind in the South Pacific, will get under way on 28th April & run, well sail, … [Read more...]

MATIRA – What’s in a Name

Matira Beach is staggeringly beautiful – this paradisiacal stretch of powdery white sand meeting absolutely stunning waters of ever changing patterns of turquoise blue deserves its reputation as “the most beautiful beach in the world”.Possessed … [Read more...]

“Bora Bora” Boasts Ukelele World Record

In 1951 when the then Chairman of Guinness Brewery, Sir Hugh Beaver, was out hunting game bird he wondered if the golden plover could be the fastest moving game bird in Europe. Unable to find any reference in any book to answer his question Sir Hugh … [Read more...]