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Restaurant Review – Matira

The writer owned & operated  a number of hotels in Australia each of which included various restaurant facilities. The writer’s wife is a qualified Cordon Bleu (Paris), on-trained for 2 years with the only member of the Acadamie Francaise in … [Read more...]

Bora Bora Restaurant Ratings & Guide

BORA BORA INSIDER - RESTAURANT RATINGS2015LEGEND The following is an easy-access summary for restaurants & snacks (bistros) on Bora Bora.  Restaurants listed are in the most popular restaurant areas - Matira & Vaitape. … [Read more...]

Raid Anei

The Raid Anei is an eagerly awaited event. This year's course was no exception set as it was in the mountains above Point Matira along a ridge-line that offers a spectacular bird’s eye view of why Bora Bora is regarded as the most beautiful island in … [Read more...]

Fishing Bora Bora Heiva

Bora Bora enjoys good year round deep-sea fishing with blue marlin, tuna, yellow fin tuna, mahi mahi, trevally, wahoo, skipjack & jacks amongst others all readily available. It’s a magical place to fish as the off-shore views back to the islands … [Read more...]

Heiva i Bora Bora – Tu’aro Ma’ohi

The Heiva is perhaps best known as the ultimate expression of Tahitian history & culture through its sensational rhythmic, energetic & quite sensual dancing & the associated costumes & floral decorations, yet the richness of the Heiva … [Read more...]

Heiva i Bora Bora – the ultimate cultural expression

The Heiva is Bora Bora's ultimate expression of it's rich culture, its profound heritage & its deep history. It's a reflection on Tahitian life, a spontaneous outpouring of joy & a moment not to be missed by the population nor by anyone … [Read more...]

Uru (Breadfruit) Beer

Tahiti’s local brewery has been testing a beer made from Uru taking advantage of the breadfruit that grows in abundance throughout the country.Following the success of the Report on the Uru or Breadfruit Tree  this piece of news will create … [Read more...]