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The One Thing You Are Not Permitted To Bungle – Your Wedding Day

"Making Your Wedding Day The Best Day Of Your Life"  -  this is how an independant report covering 'Bora Bora....the Dream Wedding of Americans - a Ceremony worthy of the Grand Hollywood Productions' written by leading journalist Alan Lepresle … [Read more...]

Cock Fighting – A Traditional Pastime

When the Polynesians came from Eastern Asia in their va’a (outrigger canoes) to these islands some thousands of years ago they brought with them the plants & animals necessary for their survival. Amongst those on board were fighting cocks & … [Read more...]

Hawaiki Nui Va’a – the great event

The greatest ocean paddling race of them all was conducted for the 24th consecutive year this week, the first week in November. Almost 100 outrigger canoes - 6 man va’a - left Huahine on the first leg of a 3 day competition which would take them … [Read more...]