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Ori Tahiti World Record

Since time immemorial Ori Tahiti, the traditional Tahitian dance, has played a major role in Polynesian life. Dancing helped maintain the social fabric & gave a sense of cohesion to the lives of Polynesians. Dancing had a sacred role but also … [Read more...]

The Cost Of Love

Amidst the myriad of things that can happen on Bora Bora is to be swept away by the beauty & the romance of this wonderful gift of Mother Nature & to spontaneously decide to undertake a special traditional Tahitian ceremony in an intimate … [Read more...]

Surfing Bora Bora

You must be able to surf in paradise ................. Well Bora Bora has got you covered! OVERVIEWAn enjoyable outing especially for the surf nut; Check out the huge lemon sharks 'out the back, below you' when surfing Teanvanui Pass; A … [Read more...]

Taurua Varua – Bora Bora’s Unique Cultural Ceremony

The “Taurua Varua” (Fete of the Spirit) is a celebratory competition of himene (formal Tahitian religious choral songs) & of Orero (ancient artistic forms of oral declaration) which takes place on Bora Bora in January each year. It is without … [Read more...]