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In this site's post on Polynesian fire-dancing headed "Fire-Dancing - The Hottest Experience In Bora" it was recorded that: "The oldest known practice of fire-dancing is found in Polynesian culture; the oldest records show Polynesians centuries … [Read more...]

Miss Bora Bora 2016

“A symbol of kindness, gentleness, elegance & beauty” which ultimately “carries a lifetime status”  –  this is how the official Miss Tahiti site records what underlies a leading beauty pageant winner.I do not think that I've seen a bigger … [Read more...]

Bora Bora Boulangerie

If there is something everyone yearns for, no matter where you are living, it is surely a top-knotch boulangerie (those legendary French bread bakery shops). Walking into a French boulangerie in the early morning is a warming experience in more ways … [Read more...]