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Otu Motoï – Bora Bora’s “Motu of Circumcision”

In a meeting of Bora Bora’s Municipal Council just last month (May 2016) it was moved by councillor Ato Tinorua – to whom I am grateful for the details that follow -  that the public space along the waterfront at Vaitape Quay currently known as … [Read more...]

Bora Bora Heiva – Guide to Wining & Dining

Unbeknown to many visitors to Bora Bora the striking buildings fashioned from vegetal materials that so beautifully frame the Heiva Ceremonial area are, in fact, a series of enchanting restaurants.In an array of ingenious designs, the … [Read more...]

Oa Oa Lodge, Bora Bora

Oa is a Tahitian word meaning “to be happy & content; to rejoice”. Oa Oa signifies “Twice the Happiness, Twice the Contentedness &…….Twice the Rejoicing". The newly managed & freshly refurbished Oa Oa Lodge is appropriately named & … [Read more...]

Kiteboarding in Paradise

Kite-boarding is an exhilarating sport where adherents attach themselves by harness to a powerful kite pulling the rider on a narrow - perhaps a metre long - fibreglass board racing across various water surfaces - directly or in a series of … [Read more...]

Bora Bora Heiva des Ecoles (School Heiva)

For many the Heiva got under way today. Today was the Heiva Des Ecoles (School Heiva) where participants can reflect on their rich culture, history & heritage, where some will start their climb to provide the backbone to the Heiva I Bora Bora in … [Read more...]

Bora Bora Heiva – Complete Guide

In an earlier article on this site covering the Heiva I Bora Bora, the celebrations & ceremonies involved were outlined in the following terms: “The Heiva is Tahiti’s most emphatic statement of their deep history & rich culture. It’s a … [Read more...]