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Wood Carving & Tattoos

The wood carving of the Marquisians has long been held to be the best in all Polynesia. Regarded by their peers as being the finest artisans amongst them, these talented craftsmen, or Tuhuna as they were/are known, have over the centuries often … [Read more...]

Penises Tattooed

That heading hurts! In the history of Polynesian tattooing Bora Bora occupies a special place. In 1791 when Captain Edwards arrived in Bora Bora aboard the 'Pandora' in search of the mutineers of the 'Bounty' he was surprised & intrigued to … [Read more...]

Wedding Bora Bora – Testimonials

I have recently copied & pasted here all testimonials appearing on the Wedding Bora Bora web-site, a site over which I have no control & which is not associated with weddings conducted by Roderick or by Aea. Further references can be found … [Read more...]


A CALENDAR OF BORA BORA EVENTS, FESTIVITIES, ACTIVITIES & ATTRACTIONS   RED HOT  INSIDER TIPS Hawaiki Nui Va'a - World's greatest ocean outrigger canoe race. Don't miss this one! Bora Bora - Are You Joking??? - absolute "MUST … [Read more...]

Heiva i Bora Bora – Tu’aro Ma’ohi

The Heiva is perhaps best known as the ultimate expression of Tahitian history & culture through its sensational rhythmic, energetic & quite sensual dancing & the associated costumes & floral decorations, yet the richness of the Heiva … [Read more...]

Marathon Swimming to Bora Bora

Have you ever thought that climbing Everest was the greatest test of human endurance? Well consider this - since Hillary climbed Everest in 1953 almost 5000 others have done so; since Webb first swam the English Channel in 1875 only around 1000 have … [Read more...]


MARRY IN BORA BORA              YOUR WEDDING IS THE MOST SPECIAL OF OCCASIONS, THAT MOMENT OF MAGIC WHEN YOU SEAL YOUR LIFELONG LOVE Now that foreigners can be legally married in Bora Bora, Bora Bora Insider - Wedding Planner has become the leading … [Read more...]

Behind The Heiva i Bora 2014 – drums, music, costumes

The Heiva, is the Tahitian celebration of joy through dance, song & other cultural events offering an exceptional insight into Polynesian history & culture as well as into the life of Polynesians past & present. As mentioned in the … [Read more...]

The Valley of the Kings

Faanui  (Valley of Nui), a place of refuge, a place where one can gather the ‘breath of life’ as the ancient Tahitian expression, E Mapuhiraa aho no Faanui says, derives its name from Nui, the son of Porapora-i-te-fenau-tahi (the First-Born in the … [Read more...]

Heiva i Bora – 2013

  EVENT OVERVIEW Stunning, a knock-out, jaw-dropping, gob-smacking, unreal, (even amaaaaaaazing!) Unique & authentique celebration of Polynesian history & culture; Culturally enriching experience; Wonderful associated casual … [Read more...]