About Us

We’re Bora Bora locals, although my wife was born in Tahiti. We have travelled much of the world, lived in extended places for extended times & written about some of it, especially in SE Asia.

Well here it is – where to go, what to see, what to do, what’s the best of the best – every question you will ever want to know about Bora Bora Island. Every adventure reported actually undertaken, every Bora Bora restaurant covered actually eaten in, every offer of Bora Bora accommodation meticulously checked out.

We’ll show you how to save on airfares, how to save by travelling by boat, how to save on adventures you’ll long to undertake. We’ll tell you how it really operates behind the scenes, what difficulties you may encounter in being able to undertake certain adventures, what hidden commissions you may be paying, which are the best things to see & do, how you can save a fortune on your overall trip……….

There are no commissions paid to this site for favourable reports or for introductions. This is a warts & all report loyal to the ideals of telling it as it is.

Get ready for the holiday of your life!

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