Village Temanuata

Village Temanuata is but a stone’s throw along the beach from the Intercontinental Bora Bora Le Moana Resort; that’s the over-water bungalows of the Moana Resort that you can see in the background of the following photo of the beach out front of Village Temanuata:


Village Temanuata has 11 bungalows that can comfortably accommodate 24 persons all set alongside a pleasant garden walkway which leads to a private beach:


The rooms, though not large, provide the necessities & are adequately comfortable for where the village sits in the market-place:


Village Temanuata is situated right next door to Restaurant Fare Manuia, a great bistro-style operation open 7/7 & very convenient to have as a neighbour. On the other side of the village is Manu, one of the larger tour operators on Bora Bora who can propose to you the full gambit of tours – the standard fare plus outings from surfing to moon parties – with a range of boats to carry the full range of passenger numbers. Go see the tour operator direct to see what you can negotiate. Alternatively Village Temanuata has a well presented range of tours on offer that they can recommend/propose to you, a service for which they may charge a fee or receive a commission. Before undertaking any tour it is strongly recommended that you search the totally comprehensive coverage of tours available on Bora Bora here: Trip Reports.

Village Temanuata has its own wonderful private beach looking out over the Motu Piti Uu Uta – behind which is the favourite snorkelling dive for many, the ‘coral garden’ – & Motu Piti Uu Tai. Tahaa & Raiatea are clearly visible in the distance. If there’s an on-shore breeze, Matira Beach is only a few steps away on the other side of Matira Point.

Village Temanuata is close to a good selection of fine restaurants & bistros reviewed here at: Restaurant Review – Matira. The village is almost direcly opposite a well-stocked general store & within walking distance of 2 of the more difficult to find American WWII Cannons & just a stroll half way out along Matira Point to jet ski & quad tours.

The rack rate is in the $150-$200 per night range but promotional offers are often available offering substantial discounts so check with Jacques, the village’s friendly (English speaking) host & organise a deal.

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