Shark, Ray & Tropical Fish Encounters in Bora Bora, Paradise On Earth.

If you’re into sharks, rays and tropical fish encounters, read on… Out & about in paradise last week with Bora Bora’s leading wedding planner – Bora Bora Insider – Wedding Planner– taking in the world’s most beautiful lagoon. This is an outing that never ceases to amaze, a voyage where one is humbled by a truly generous Mother Nature.

We were aboard a large & comfortable ‘double-decker’ catamaran offering a flexible layout, wonderful bar & a top sound system ……… the perfect combination for an unforgettable day.

We were lucky to have an underwater photographer with us – so here’s what you missed…..

First stop – the reef-shelf drop-off just outside of Teavanui Pass, one of only 2 surfable breaks on Bora Bora, but we were there out behind the break to swim with the lemon sharks, all 3+meters of them.

This, for me, is the highlight of any tour whilst in Bora Bora, an absolute ‘must’. As always a massive reception party is there to welcome visitors:





Tahitians believe that sharks are their ancestors & that the sharks are there to protect them; & there has never been a single attack in all that time. For centuries Tahitians have dived down the 10m or so to ride on the backs or underneath, in a bear-hug, & there has never been a single attack in all that time. These impressive creatures, among the earth’s oldest lifeforms dating back over 400 million years, some  200 million years before dinosaurs appeared.

The lemon sharks were there – impressive in size & style, but so captivated were we by the sharks photographed here we overlooked snapping the lemons (check it out here:  Lemon Sharks )

Off to feed the rays:




The tropical fish, too, reserved a warm welcome for us:



This one is only for experts – eels have a series of teeth & can easily grab your hand, then have the strength to hold you down! Dangling a fish (in your other hand) can attract a well-intentioned shark who may just take not just the fish but your hand!


Blasting away at the end of the day from the motu of dreams where Bora Bora’s best gigs are held – select & elite private dinners backed by fire-dancing shows & gifts of otea (Tahitian dancing), sumptuous ‘Feet in the Water’ lunches & dinners, unique & exceptional weddings, full-moon parties……..


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