Full Moon Party – Bora Bora

The “Full-Moon Party” originated in 1985 on Koh Phangan island in Thailand when revellers held an all-night beach party on Haad Rin beach. The party’s fame spread quickly & it now attracts a crowd of around 30,000 for every full moon. The party rages from dusk until dawn & has become an obligatory event for today’s globe-trotting, backpacking youth…………….. Where cheap alcohol is sold by the bucket & drugs are freely available one begins to understand the derivation of the word ‘lunatic’!


Between 2008 & 2012 whilst living in SE Asia & motorcycling throughout the whole of Thailand, Laos, Vietnam, Cambodia & limited parts of Myanmar (Burma) we attended several Full Moon Parties & also the other ‘right of passage’ event for today’s youth – tubing in Vang Vieng, Laos.

Vang Vieng tubing is WILD! I can’t begin to tell you how BIG a party this was; seeing was believing. Alas it got out of hand in terms of alcohol, drugs & in the general comportment of participants & was recently closed down by the authorities. The party on Koh Phangan has grown much the same way & many argue it’s only a matter of time until it too is ‘curtailed’. The Full Moon Party has been the subject of films such as ‘The Beach’, “Last Stop For Paul” & “Hormones” but more recently in documentaries looking at its negative impact on tourism & the economy.

The point, however, is that in its raw state such parties have the right formula; they are a great night out, they work!


It will come as a surprise to many that a Full-Moon Party is held in Bora Bora every month. Presently it’s the gig of locals but those visiting Bora should look to checking it out, seeing why it pulls the locals – it’s a great night out; reflecting how such events all started back in 1985!

The big catamaran leaves from Fan Fan’s (next to Fare Manuia at Matira) – the formula is that you pay for your transport – currently (16/09/2016) 2000xpf from Fanfan’s & 3000xpf ex any hotel – there & back & depending on the party the food is either a catered for BBQ, or your bring your own to cook. It’s totally 100% BYO (no corkage). You’ll have a magic trip over the moon-lit Bora Bora lagoon as the moon rises behind Tahaa/Raiatea arriving at a pristine, private motu where it rocks right through to dawn if you so wish.

Patrons pay before boarding – boarding is around 10 or 11pm with a return around 3am the next day – but ‘get into it’ right from the start:



Arriving at the motu – plenty of eskies to keep the beer chilled – plus a couple of shots back across a lighted beach & showing the space available to revellers:




Some warm-up on the beach, but many chose to stay aboard the cat where the music is literally pumping!



This is a great spot to party, a brilliant choice for a Full-Moon Party. Mother nature provides the best venue; it’s “toes in the sand, beer in hand!”

There are well equipped BBQ areas, often a great bonfire at water’s edge for the great enjoyment of those present, & the best of Bora Bora’s magic lagoon in which to swim. Give it a go; if you want a great night out with a difference, you will not be disappointed!

The contact – mobile: 89548064 – to arrange your place.

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