Mt Otemanu Climbed….Descent by Wingsuit

Last Monday, two Frenchmen – Rodolphe Cassan & Julien Millaud – became not only the first to climb Mt Otemanu (727m) but also the first to jump off the mountain …………. using wingsuits to mark the occasion.

Readers will be interested to see the video following on my report dated 31/12/2015 as follows:


Rodolphe Cassan, a former director of finance in Paris threw his ‘9-5’ away in 2009 to back-pack his way around the world. Arriving in Bora Bora he was immediately taken by the imposing grandeur of Mt Otemanu, but finding the mountain as good as impossible to climb he headed over to Magical Maupiti, where, in 2013 he became the first person to base jump from the tops of Maupiti .

He would return to Bora Bora in 2014 to further investigate the options for ascending Mt Otemanu before mounting an actual expedition to do so in December this year. For 6 days they would work to establish their path for their ascent up the impressive face of Mt Otemanu, a climb which itself would take 6 hours.

Here’s the official video of the jump:

Wingsuits allow their users to fly around 2.5km for every 1km they descend but a minimum 100m in vertical drop with a cross flight path of 400m is required to attempt a successful jump.

Cassan’s comment says it all: «Its not difficult to fly, it’s difficult to stay alive

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