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If it’s thrills a minute with the adrenalin pumping ‘full-on’, if it’s seeing the best of Bora Bora, feeling at one with the most beautiful lagoon in the world & finding your own piece of paradise, then get wet, have fun & totally lose yourself in taking the thrilling ride around the island on a jet-ski.



  • Brilliant ‘power-on’ outing;
  • The ultimate lagoon – nothing less;
  • Best swim spots ever – no question;
  • Mesmorizing mountain scenery;
  • Stop-off on palm fringed island slurping on a coconut from the tree above you.



We would launch ourselves off on the adventure from the knock-out/drop dead, stunningly beautiful Matira Beach where Matira Jet Tours offers the chance to combine the jet-ski with a quad tour of the island – you get the best of both worlds! How’s this for the reception we received from our jet skis waiting to whisk us away on the thrill of a lifetime:




On a clear day you can see Maupiti (top left) in the distance; another adventure that awaits you – see: Magical Maupiti:


That’s the Hilton on the right of the above photo, in front of which you’ll find sting-rays & reef sharks like you find yellow taxis in New York – everywhere! It’s a tricky ride through the slightly submerged coral particularly if you’re checking out the sights (as one does) – the Hilton,  Motu Tapu, magical views back to Mt Otemanu  – but we pleaded with our guide & paid the rays a quick visit:


Normally one ‘jets’ directly through the deep waters of Povai Bay offering one of the most mesmorizing & certainly most memorable views of Mt Otemanu. Legend holds that god descended on the island of Bora Bora on a rainbow atop Mt Otemanu. In this most sacred of mountains you’ll see the inclined face of Bora Bora’s former King, the outline of an elephant’s head – elephants are a sign of royalty & sacred in Asia from where Polynesians originate – & some hold they can see the face of Buddha.

We ripped along on full throttle past Vaitape where with the quickest of glances you could sneak a view of an American WWII cannon atop the point overlooking Teavanui Pass marked by the beautiful Motu Tapu.

Below the cannons at water-level just past the Yacht Club is Marae Marotetini where King Puni, the first king to rule all of Bora Bora, was enthroned. For more information concerning Marae Marotetini see the report entitled Bora Bora Road Tour.

Around the corner from the Marae is beautiful Faanui Bay with its distinctive church at the end of the bay. Opposite Faanui Bay near where the Pearl Beach Resort is located are the wonderful waters of Motu Tevairoa, the island where Cpt Cook came to find & purchase from locals an anchor lost by Admiral Bouganville. Check out what we found!


The run continues past a string of fabulous motus towards the end of which you swing around to see some of the world’s best hotels. Cruise by seeing how the ‘rich & famous’ endulge themselves:


There are some great places to stop along this stretch as you most certainly will for some refreshments – grab a drink from a coconut retrieved from atop the tree before your eyes…..incredibly refreshing!


Bora Bora’s lagoon is staggeringly beautiful, an unimaginable range of turquoise & blue changing effortlessly before your eyes; it is matched only by the mysticism, the magic, the raw beauty of the mountains scenery looking down upon you. The shot below shows the area where you can swim with manta rays whilst just below the ‘V’ on the top of the mountain you can see Ana o Pea Cave, a sensational climb to attack after the jet ski! But seriously, can you believe the range of blues you get in the waters of this magnificent lagoon!



Guided by an expert you don’t have a worry in the world. With the power on, we just marveled at the sting-rays & the reef sharks, we visited motus refreshing ourselves with the fruits of paradise, we were blown away by the spectacular beauty of the lagoon & the mountains reaching skyward from the shoreline & were enthralled & enchanted by our guide’s stories of Bora Bora.

There are a number of options including a 1.5- 2 hour tour – just let lose & let it rip, or you can have a tour tailored to you every desire. I like the power-on run, racing across magical waters to destinations unknown but it’s hard to beat pulling up on jet ski at your favourite restaurant amidst some of the world’s best hotels or fronting magical Matira Beach!

You want something red, hot & throbbing between your legs……….then jump on a jet ski!



  • Jet-ski has a waterproof compartment for ‘essentials’;
  • Morning runs seem to average better conditions – less cloud, stiller water…..
  • Consider packaging it into an afternoon quad tour & see from above what you undertook in the morning.