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English for Business Success

Our Business English classes are designed to help you improve your English in a professional setting. You could be a corporate employee, a business owner, or seeking for a new career. Improving your business English will help you be more effective in your present position, increase your customer communication, or land that new job. ​

The following themes and skill development can be included in a business English course:

  • Meetings have their own lingo. Skills in listening, giving ideas, and agreeing and disagreeing are all important.
  • Using Powerpoint to prepare and deliver presentations. How to time your speech, make clear arguments, and respond to inquiries.
  • Making deals and negotiating with customers and suppliers.
  • On the phone, you can talk and listen. This is difficult even for native English speakers, and it’s far more difficult if English is your second language.
  • Finance, accounting, marketing, and order taking and confirmation vocabulary.
  • Euphemisms, idioms, phrasal verbs, and jargon in the workplace.
  • Sending emails to customers, vendors, and coworkers. What formality level should you use?
  • The form of reports, important vocabulary, and creating executive summaries are all topics covered in report writing.
  • Looking for a job. Creating a curriculum vitae and a cover letter. Presentation, body language, and how to offer exceptional responses to the most popular interview questions are all important interview skills.

A business English course can be tailored to focus on the topics and abilities you need to succeed in your career or business while also improving your confidence and competence.

Why should you use to learn Business English?

I am a CELTA (Certificate in Language Teaching)-certified English as a Second Language instructor with a Bachelor of Commerce and Administration from Victoria University. For many years, I worked for a large consulting firm (Deloitte), where I gave several presentations to small and large audiences, as well as authored and presented reports to a varied variety of clients in various industries. ​

I also wrote reports for the Minister of Finance, Cabinet, and other government agencies in the New Zealand Treasury. All reports were subjected to a thorough peer review process that emphasized clear, plain English.

I taught the job seeker program at Dominion English School (Category 1 English school).

which concentrated on CV and cover letter writing, job applications, and interviewing techniques.

I enjoy working with Business English students to help them improve their English abilities so they can be more successful in their present jobs or businesses, obtain a promotion, or find new work.

Lessons in Business English have a certain structure.

Face-to-face or online business English lessons can both be successful. I may recommend face-to-face sessions exclusively depending on the topics and abilities you want to cover, but in most situations the classes can be completed online.

Lessons might be one hour, 90 minutes, or two hours long (face to face only). You can plan and pay for lessons on a weekly basis, or you can prepay for a block of 20 hours of lessons at a discounted rate. The 20 hours of instruction should be finished in a maximum of ten weeks in this case.

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