Private Jet Hire

Private jet hire is considered by many to be the most comfortable, luxurious and convenient way to travel. Offering a complete package of tailor-made travel itineraries, it’s a perfect option for those looking to avoid the hassles of boarding commercial flights or who want a peaceful and unique experience for their business or leisure travel.

While hiring a private jet is quite expensive, it’s a lot simpler and less costly than owning one! If you’re planning to hire a private jet for personal or business travel, here are some hints and tips.

“Empty Leg” Flights

If you want an aircraft charter service at a decent discount, look for “empty leg” flights. When a private jet hire company needs to fly to another airport to be available for the next planned route, you can often acquire seats at a significant discount off regular charter prices. However, these flights can still be very costly.

Reduce Costs by Planning in Advance

When it comes to hiring a private jet, prior planning is important. There are lots of aspects to consider:

  • the type and size of the jet
  • expected travel time
  • in-flight food and entertainment
  • flight operator
  • the cost of the private jet rental

With a sound understanding of your in-flight requirements, booking and organizing a trouble free trip is stress free. If you’re not quite sure about your business or leisure travel needs, most private jet hire companies provide detail services and will consult with you to ensure a positive experience.

Itinerary Plans

Unlike commercial flights that provide specific information about flight duration, destinations and other details, people hiring private jets provide their own itinerary. You have to decide on the specific details like the number of flight attendants you need, how many stops you’ll make, and your preferred type of aircraft, among others. These details are critical in arranging a private jet hire.

Other things to consider:

  • Who will you be traveling with?
  • Are you hiring a jet for a business trip or leisure?
  • Are you planning an international trip?
  • What type of aircraft best suits your traveling needs?

Carefully planning your itinerary will give you a better appreciation of the costs and what you’ll need from the private jet charter company.

Costs of private jet hire

Cost plays a crucial role when choosing a private jet for hire. Most companies will have different rate cards, and prices may range significantly even for the same charter plane. It’s necessary to make price comparisons and choose a pricing option that best matches your needs.

Talk to a private charter broker to get a more detailed account of how much a private jet hire will cost based on your journey itinerary or traveling needs. While affordability is also important, most people hiring private jets have the means, so a focus on efficient and safe travel operations is more critical.

Catering & Entertainment

Do you plan to hold meetings during your flight? Need to make quick presentations to clients or employees before arriving at your destination? You need to provide such details to ensure everything is arranged. Even if you need a DVD player for kids onboard, be keen to provide your exact catering and entertainment needs to avoid ruining your traveling experience.

Private Jet Flight Crew

An important part of private jet hires is flight crew selection. Most aircraft charter companies have experienced flight staff available, to ensure you have the right crew and company during your flight and to provide a most enjoyable trip.


When it comes to picking a private jet charter company, choose one that is:

  • Certified to operate
  • Has a top class reputation
  • Comes with an excellent safety track record

Private jet charter growth is 15% – 20% a year because hiring a jet is one of the best ways to get to a specific destination expeditiously, and in luxury and comfort. You don’t have to be a multi-millionaire to fly a private shuttle in lieu of commercial commuter flights. That said, you will need to deep pockets if you want to buy a jet card or have fractional ownership to fly on a regular basis.

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