Queensland Property Investment

If you are a potential Queensland property investor, you need to a comprehensive overview of the market. You also need full details on any properties that are presented to you – before you make an investment decisions. Regardless of whether your investment is intended for;

  • Long-term with future sale that results in financial independence.
  • Extending your current real estate holdings.
  • Search for a special “retirement” property to call home in the future.

Professional property investment consultants understand that your long term future is of paramount importance, and they work hard to ensure good outcomes. Once the consultant understand your requirements, expectations and budget, a plan can take shape. A list of potentially suitable  properties can come assembled, and the selection process can begin! You should expect all the options to be presented to you – independently and with completely unbiased advice. Contact QPS for reliable advice on property investment in Queensland Australia.

Queensland’s Prime Property Locations

City of Brisbane

Brisbane city provides a terrific lifestyle in a region with an array of excellent outdoor recreation options. Investing in a Brisbane city apartment of townhouse makes good business sense. QPC has a big range of apartments and town houses to select from. Provide us with your dream real estate details and we carry out the legwork to find the property that meets your expectations and budget.

Gold Coast – Beach Havens

World-renowned, the Gold Coast is blessed with long sandy beaches, exceptional surfing, and a labyrinth of navigable canals and water ways. Recreational activities encompass the excellent theme parks of Dreamworld, Sea World and Wet’n Wild. Inland hiking, a network of  trails thread their way across Lamington National Park which is home to rare birds & extensive semi-tropical rain-forests. QPS has extensive experience in the local Gold Coast investment property market.

Sunshine Coast – Resorts & Parks

The Sunshine Coast encompasses amazing beach resorts, great surfing spots and unspoiled rural landscapes. The Gold Coast stretches from the coastal city of Caloundra, all the way north to Cooloola and the Great Sandy National Park. Good Sunshine Coast property investment opportunities exist and remain affordable. As always, the time to act is now – outline your specific requirements and we do the research for you.

Whitsunday Coast – Barrier Reef

The Whitsunday Coast is the gateway to the spectacular Great Barrier Reef and its 74 islands. It will be impossible not to enjoy the fishing, boating, and romantic island hopping that a Whitsunday real estate investment property delivers you. Delight in the tropical rain-forests of Conway National Park. Be astonished by the cane fields of Proserpine. Relish the magic of Airlie.. The Whitsunday region is rich in both scenery, geography and history.


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