WordPress Website Maintenance Plans

I work on your WordPress website’s care and maintenance while you work on your business.

WordPress website maintenance plan implementation can burn up a lot of the time that you could better utilise on growing your online business. I handle the stress and drama of software updates, security and regular backups for you. A WordPress expert with a decade of experience, I work to make sure your site never misses a beat! When you need a website maintenance  package, websitemaintenanceservices.co.nz are able to maintain your website from as little as $32 per month (plus setup fee).

WordPress Maintenance Plans and packages with the features that matter most:

1 – Software Updates with ManageWP

I perform WordPress core, theme and plugin updates as they’re made available. ManageWP goes the extra mile to ensure that tardy updates don’t have a negative impact on your site.

2 – Security Monitoring and Malware Cleanup

implement a Web Application Firewall to make sure your website is always safe and secure with regular scans and an array of proactive measures. On top of that goes a Brute Force Login prevention system with secure password enforcement!

3 – Reliable backup routines

If the unthinkable happens, I’ve got that covered for you with automated daily database backups and files backups. These are  stored off-site in secure cloud storage, so recovery from backup is fast, ensuring that your site is back up up and running before anyone notices it was out of action!

4 – Tech Support & Troubleshooting Services

Should anything break due to an update, or to a self-inflicted problem, I’m always able to save the day in the shortest possible time.

Ready to hand-off your WordPress site maintenance to an expert?

I will save you time:

Let me take care of your WordPress website maintenance services so you can focus your efforts where they will count most – on your business! You won’t ever have to spend your precious time on:

  • Remembering how to make website edits
  • Figuring out how to fix a crashed site
  • Researching out how to fix a hacked site
  • Feeling nauseated trying to get the hosting company to see if they have a backup of your site
  • Wondering if your website developer will ever call you back

I will save you money:

Letting me provide your business with WordPress website management services is winning solution because I provide all the services listed above at no incremental cost.

How do I do it?

Robust Security:

Database protection, real-time monitoring, IP lockouts and file scans are just a few ways I secure your website.

Website Editing:

Need a logo replaced? Content added to a page or post? I can take care of it for you in short order!

Page Load Speed Optimisation:

Gzip compression, minification, render-blocking deferrals, image optimisation etc – I take care of making your site as fast as it can possibly be.

Immediate Updates:

Plugins and Themes that aren’t updated regularly are a security threat. I’ll remove that danger by daily plugin & theme update availability scans, and immediate action.

Hacking Recovery / Malware Removal:

I implement first class WordPress security, and if your site is ever hacked, I’ll resolve that at no extra cost!

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