2019 Taurua Varua

The 2019 Taurua Varua is well underway with a full night at Anau where in excess of 800 sang whilst 2 Aitos rendered 2 exceptional Oreros.The Aitos contemplate their Oreros.....photo thanks to Radio Bora BoraI have written extensively on … [Read more...]

Bora Bora – Unique Environment

Today’s tourist is better informed & more discerning about travel destinations than any generation before. As more & more people travel, the quality of the environment has become a primary concern. Today’s tourist is more sensitive to … [Read more...]

Best Island Hike on Bora Bora

In my Raid Anei Report I eluded to the logic behind climbing along the ridgeline from Matira to Mt Otemanu – specifically that as Bora Bora is the world’s most beautiful lagoon then could it be that to walk along the ridgeline overlooking these … [Read more...]

Christmas in Bora Bora

Children & families world-wide LOVE Christmas, the feeling resonates through the air; one can feel the excitement, touch the happiness & joy .............. Santa is coming to Bora!Historically, whilst recognising the preaching of a … [Read more...]

Shark Feeding – Bora Bora

Those adrenaline rushes flowing from outings such as those appearing in the sensational photos below may be a thing of the past………………………People come to Bora Bora from all over the world to see the sharks, to feed the sharks………… to swim with, well, … [Read more...]

Shark, Ray & Tropical Fish Encounters in Bora Bora, Paradise On Earth.

Out & about in paradise last week with Bora Bora's leading wedding planner - Bora Bora Insider - Wedding Planner- taking in the world's most beautiful lagoon. This is an outing that never ceases to amaze, a voyage where one is humbled by a truly … [Read more...]

AEA – Wedding Bora Bora

I came to Tahiti in 1995 &, together with my Tahitian wife, Myriama, spent a number of wonderful years living in Vairao (right next to the legendary Teahupoo), then later in Papeete & finally in beautiful Papara. By 2012 we were fully settled … [Read more...]

Wedding Bora Bora – Testimonials

I have recently copied & pasted here all testimonials appearing on the Wedding Bora Bora web-site, a site over which I have no control & which is not associated with weddings conducted by Roderick or by Aea.Further references can be found … [Read more...]

Maraamu Surf Ski Race

The Maraamu Surf Ski Race, part of the World Championship in the discipline, is more than the greatest downwind race of them all. With a favourable swell, these canoes, weighing slightly over 9 kilograms for around 6 meters in length yet only … [Read more...]


You're on your honeymoon in Bora Bora - a couple of glorious days in the world's most beautiful lagoon just chilling out ……… After 2-3 days 'sun-baking' - you're looking for something new something special to celebrate your commitment to a lifelong … [Read more...]