Wood Carving & Tattoos

The wood carving of the Marquisians has long been held to be the best in all Polynesia. Regarded by their peers as being the finest artisans amongst them, these talented craftsmen, or Tuhuna as they were/are known, have over the centuries often … [Read more...]

Hawaiki Nui Va’a

The world’s greatest outrigger canoe (va’a) race - the Hawaiki Nui Va'a - is underway!Contested over the next 3 day for a total distance of 128.7km, a record number of 147 va’a are here to test themselves against the best in a competition that … [Read more...]

The Maraamu Surf Ski Race

The Maraamu Surf-Ski Race is arguably the world’s greatest downwind race. It's a course that takes paddlers from the island of Tahaa across one of the world's most scenic ocean crossings to what many regard as paradise on earth - Bora Bora with its … [Read more...]

Otemanu Climbed….Descent by Wingsuit

Readers will be interested to see the video following on my report dated 31/12/2015 as follows:Last Monday, two Frenchmen - Rodolphe Cassan & Julien Millaud - became not only the first to climb Mt Otemanu (727m) but also the first to jump off … [Read more...]

Bora Bora Whales

In a truly spectacular sight, a whale & her calf sought refuge in the lagoon of Bora Bora last week just inside Teavanui Pass in around 15m of water. Needless to say they became the focal-point of people’s attention with boats of every shape, … [Read more...]

Bora Bora Heiva – Guide to Wining & Dining

Unbeknown to many visitors to Bora Bora the striking buildings fashioned from vegetal materials that so beautifully frame the Heiva Ceremonial area are, in fact, a series of enchanting restaurants.In an array of ingenious designs, the … [Read more...]

Kiteboarding in Paradise

Kite-boarding is an exhilarating sport where adherents attach themselves by harness to a powerful kite pulling the rider on a narrow - perhaps a metre long - fibreglass board racing across various water surfaces - directly or in a series of … [Read more...]

Bora Bora Heiva – Complete Guide

In an earlier article on this site covering the Heiva I Bora Bora, the celebrations & ceremonies involved were outlined in the following terms: “The Heiva is Tahiti’s most emphatic statement of their deep history & rich culture. It’s a … [Read more...]


In this site's post on Polynesian fire-dancing headed "Fire-Dancing - The Hottest Experience In Bora" it was recorded that: "The oldest known practice of fire-dancing is found in Polynesian culture; the oldest records show Polynesians centuries … [Read more...]

Miss Bora Bora 2016

“A symbol of kindness, gentleness, elegance & beauty” which ultimately “carries a lifetime status”  –  this is how the official Miss Tahiti site records what underlies a leading beauty pageant winner.I do not think that I've seen a bigger … [Read more...]