Bora Bora Heiva – A Photographic Take

As the Heiva I Bora Bora 2016 unfolds to reveal the Polynesian’s love to celebrate in a spirit of joy through song & dance, here’s Bora Bora Insider’s:  "A Photo A Day" – a pictorial guide taking readers on an adventure through the Heiva.Each … [Read more...]

Otu Motoï – Bora Bora’s “Motu of Circumcision”

In a meeting of Bora Bora’s Municipal Council just last month (May 2016) it was moved by councillor Ato Tinorua – to whom I am grateful for the details that follow -  that the public space along the waterfront at Vaitape Quay currently known as … [Read more...]

Bora Bora Heiva des Ecoles (School Heiva)

For many the Heiva got under way today. Today was the Heiva Des Ecoles (School Heiva) where participants can reflect on their rich culture, history & heritage, where some will start their climb to provide the backbone to the Heiva I Bora Bora in … [Read more...]

Bora Orero – Keeping Culture Alive

The Orero is an ancient artistic form of oral declaration most often taking into account Polynesian genealogy, history & geography delivered as fact if even through legends &, at times, the most amusing of interpretations. As Polynesian is an … [Read more...]

Ori Tahiti World Record

Since time immemorial Ori Tahiti, the traditional Tahitian dance, has played a major role in Polynesian life. Dancing helped maintain the social fabric & gave a sense of cohesion to the lives of Polynesians. Dancing had a sacred role but also … [Read more...]

Molokai Hoe: “At least we could see the Tahitians this time.”

The Molokai Hoe, the world’s longest running outrigger canoe race having first started in 1952 & regarded as the World Championship of 6 man (3 change) outrigger racing is an event eagerly awaited each year across the globe. This 66km race … [Read more...]

Na Wahine O Ke Kai – Cancelled

The unofficial world championship of open water outrigger paddling for women, the Na Wahine O Ke Kai (Women of the Water) from Molokai to Oahu across the Kaiwi channel has been cancelled.Although the impact of Tropical Storm Niala was cited it … [Read more...]

Fishing Bora Bora Heiva

Bora Bora enjoys good year round deep-sea fishing with blue marlin, tuna, yellow fin tuna, mahi mahi, trevally, wahoo, skipjack & jacks amongst others all readily available. It’s a magical place to fish as the off-shore views back to the islands … [Read more...]

Uru (Breadfruit) Beer

Tahiti’s local brewery has been testing a beer made from Uru taking advantage of the breadfruit that grows in abundance throughout the country.Following the success of the Report on the Uru or Breadfruit Tree  this piece of news will create … [Read more...]

MATIRA – What’s in a Name

Matira Beach is staggeringly beautiful – this paradisiacal stretch of powdery white sand meeting absolutely stunning waters of ever changing patterns of turquoise blue deserves its reputation as “the most beautiful beach in the world”.Possessed … [Read more...]