Restaurant Review – Matira

The writer owned & operated  a number of hotels in Australia each of which included various restaurant facilities. The writer’s wife is a qualified Cordon Bleu (Paris), on-trained for 2 years with the only member of the Acadamie Francaise in … [Read more...]

Bora Bora Restaurant Ratings & Guide

BORA BORA INSIDER - RESTAURANT RATINGS2015LEGEND The following is an easy-access summary for restaurants & snacks (bistros) on Bora Bora.  Restaurants listed are in the most popular restaurant areas - Matira & Vaitape. … [Read more...]

Starfruit (carambol)

When writing this site's well-read & very popular Uru (Breadfruit) Report &, in particular the Uru Beer Report I mentioned the staggering figure that an estimated 80% of all uru grown in Tahiti simply falls from the tree to splatter on the … [Read more...]

Restaurant Review – Vaitape

Bora Bora Insider presents  Bora Bora Restaurant - Ratings & Guide each year - a brief, point-form format for ease of reference, it has become an indispensable gastronomic guide to visitors to these shores.All restaurants featuring in … [Read more...]