Bora Bora Houses Afloat

Bora Bora’s signature overwater bungalows with their encased glass coffee tables offering views of the marine life below are the subject of legend. The concept originated in French Polynesia where the first overwater constructions were fairly rustic affairs pioneered by the Bali Hai in Moorea in the late 1960’s. When the Hotel Bora Bora built their first luxurious overwater bungalows in 1971, they simply captivated the world’s jet set.

The Nara Hotel or the Bora Bora Lagoon Resort & Spa as it became to be known was a 5 star hotel favoured by the Japanese. Situated on Motu Toopua its bungalows overlooked Mt Otemanu & Teavanui pass which being Bora Bora’s only pass ensured the bungalows saw the coming & going of the world’s best passenger boats & the world’s biggest yachts & power boats of the world’s rich & famous.

The hotel closed following a cyclone & with rumours of a redevelopment of the site the hotel’s bungalows can be bought for 500,000xpf (around $US5,000) each; a ‘steal’ for a solid bungalow made from quality woods with an authentic pandanus roof. Slightly larger bungalows made from excellent hardwoods were recently sold for a similar price by the Hotel Bora Bora which is also to be redeveloped.


The bungalows are transported ‘as is’ to their new home by barge, giving another meaning again to ‘overwater’, with such transport covered in the cost of purchase. The bungalow above intriguingly passes by the Hotel Bora Bora in the background on its way to a new setting on Matira Beach. One can’t help but reflect on those who may have stayed therein……..

Arriving beachside its a tricky proceedure to lift the bungalow to a truck on stand-by for the move only metres across the lagoonside road:






A length of bamboo used daily to collect fruit from a fully grown mango in the garden comes in useful above to move wiring:


The site for the bungalow is already prepared – you can see this is the second bungalow purchased for the site:


The bungalows are each made up of a huge bedroom & a comfortable bathroom in a configuration which leaves plenty of space to install a small kitchen. The large ceiling fan, plenty of storage & a glass ‘coffee table’ permitting one to view the marine life below is  a layout known well to those who frequent the luxury overwater bungalows for which Bora is renowned:



Intriguingly the once over-water glass coffee table once peered down on the marine life of the beautiful Bora Bora lagooon. Ah well, you can’t have everything for ‘5 grand’!


The bungalows are easy to install &, if not lived in by their new owners, quickly find tenants at an attractive rental offering an exceptional return on the investment.

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