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There’s a growing trend, well a boom really, in destination weddings. Couples dream of marrying away from home, yearn to say “I DO” in an exotic place, seek to create THE memorable moment! The TOP destination to be fulfilled is what many regard as paradise on earth; the one place on earth that unquestionably evokes sensuality & love – Bora Bora.

To get your heart fluttering here’s a photo of Motu Tupai – part of the commune of Bora Bora. Shaped like a heart it is the world’s most photographed atoll:


The powers of State & of Church are clearly separated under French law – to be LEGALLY married in French Polynesia in a marriage recognised internationally you will need to undertake a Civil Ceremony at the Town Hall. You can hold a religious service in the church of your choice thereafter &/or a Traditional Tahitian Wedding (& Reception) at the location of your choice.

You need to be at least 18 years of age, not be currently married, nor too closely related to your future spouse. Contact the Town Hall where you intend to marry for full details. You should make such contact in sufficient time to permit the satisfactory receipt & completion of the required documentation & to be able to make satisfactory accommodation arrangements – Bora Bora can be booked out in high season.

There are documents that you will need to furnish including copies of passports, proof of residency, birth certificates, divorce or death certificates where necessary, marriage contracts & so on. Many will need to be translated into French by a recognised & approved translator, some will need to be sealed by a notary public or equivalent.

The task of determining what is required, of satisfactorily completing the paperwork can be quite daunting – it need not be! Let Bora Bora Insider Wedding Planner arrange matters & take the worry away from you. Get started the right way to ensure that you have a VERY HAPPY MARRIAGE!


Postscript: Early in 2014, under the “Marriage Fro All” legislation recently enacted in France, two ladies married in Bora Bora in what was a first for the island. (Here’s the Report of the Marriage for those interested).