A Bora Bora Insider’s Lunch

Looking for something a little different? Consider tailoring your jet-ski tour to meet your palate.


Bora Bora just lends itself to the jet-ski; check out the Report on Jet-Skiing & you’ll be hooked. Recently a couple to be married arrived for the ceremonies to be undertaken on one of Bora’s beautiful motus on jet-skis; wedding guests loved it all barefooted in the sand. Those in the know now tailor their jet-ski tours to end with lunch at some of the best spots in Bora Bora.

There are basically 2 luncheon options that win hands down – lunch along the transparent aquamarine waters of Matira Beach on the main island or lunch at one of the major resorts on the motu in a setting over white sands, looking out over magical waters & on to mystical Mt Otemanu which make you realise why Bora Bora is paradise on earth.

These options ‘work’ for those staying on the main island, especially those staying in & around Matira. For those staying on the motus it’s a different configuration that will need more careful planning.

It comes as no surprise given the stunning location overlooking the best of Matira Beach that the most frequented jet-ski luncheon venue on the main island is the Restaurant Matira. We headed there last Saturday with some like-minded people:


With a choice of indoor & outdoor settings you can literally dip your toes in the water over a Hinano or ten:



The beauty of ending the trip here is that if you organise the jet-ski rentals nearby you can have the jet-skis towed home by your guide enabling you enjoy a swim or better still sink a couple more cold Hinanos!


There were 11 jet-skis there; the record stands at 18!

Lunching at the resorts on the motu is a more complex affair which involves having your tour operator organise permission for you to jet-ski in & to park/moor the jet-ski nearby (& to arrange lunch for your guide). The issues here are a change of clothing, having to keep the jet-ski standing idly by whilst you have lunch, & the need avoid too much of the ‘good stuff’ so as to be able to ride safely home. All said it’s a hell of a lot more fun than taking a boat shuttle service to & fro.

BBI (bora bora insider’s) luncheon venue suggestion at this stage would be the St Regis.


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