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Possessed of a unique natural beauty with the world’s most stunning lagoon, wonderful motus fringed by white sands & mystically powerful mountain scenery, Bora Bora is filled with a compelling energy that exudes romance & intimacy. This paradise on earth deserves its reputation as “the most beautiful island in the world” – there’s no other place like it on earth!

Wedding Bora Bora assists in providing unique & exceptional celebrations:



Bora Bora Insider – Wedding Planner Principal (& founder of Wedding Bora Bora), Roderick Page, has a legal background &, as such, a first-hand understanding of legal systems & documentation.

Roderick can assist in offering advice on a broad range of issues including the drafting of documents & their satisfactory completion & filing, in protecting your privacy in the case of a divorce or pre-nutual agreement, in retaining one’s maiden name & so on.


The ceremonies are conducted at Bora Bora’s best venues – on stunningly beautiful motus (islets), at sensational beach & lagoon settings or aboard luxury craft whilst navigating in style on the unequalled beauty of Bora Bora’s exceptional lagoon; all overlooked by the breathtaking mountain scenery; all witnessed by magnificent sunsets behind mystical Raiatea & Tahaa.

In the interests of safety & security your transport requirements are undertaken by Manu Tours so as to ensure that all necessary licences are in place, all vessels are properly maintained & that complete insurance coverage is in place. The traditional ceremonies are conducted by Aea Teraimataeata – yes these are truly authentic ceremonies – the leading provider of such services in Bora Bora. Only Bora Bora’s leading professional photographers, make-up & hair styling experts are involved.

Events of any size can be organised – a wedding planned & organised in 2014 by Roderick Page with over 150 international guests is still the largest destination wedding ever to have taken place on the island. (Source: Mayor of Bora Bora).

Wedding Bora Bora is based on Bora Bora. Major ceremonies are

  • Conducted on a private motu, not just on part of your hotel – there is no chance of other guests overlooking your special & intimately private ceremony.
  • There are no hidden commissions – your photographer, video producer, transport, ceremonial provider, hair & make-up experts & so on all come at cost – affording you considerable savings without compromising on quality.
  • Polynesians & their ceremonies are by nature generous. Our Traditional Ceremonies take at least 30 minutes & involve a Tahua (non-denominational Tahitian celebrant), a fa’aipo (Artistic Director) & at least 2 musicians & 2 dancers.
  • There are no limited number photo-packages – all photos taken will be processed & all that are good will be passed on to you. Photography, video, 360 degree. above/under water options are offered.
  • After your ceremony the motu is yours to use for as long as you like, for whatever purpose you wish leaving you in a private, intimate & idealic setting to reflect on your special day free of any other hotel guests.

We look forward to being at your service to provide your special day, a unique day which meets your desires, expectations & dreams.



Bora Bora Insider – Wedding Planner  Principal (& founder of Wedding Bora Bora) Roderick Page is delighted to present an extensive list of services – Legal Marriages, Traditional Weddings, Anniversary, Honeymoon & Renewal of Vow ceremonies – & looks forward to providing you with the highest standard of service backed by the generous warmth & natural charm of the islands.


Wedding Bora Bora – Wedding Planner working in collaboration with other leading local service providers enables clients to benefit from wide experience & proven performance to deliver exceptional ceremonies – legal & internationally recognised Civil Marriages, blessings at the Church of your chosen denomination, Traditional Tahitian Weddings on a private motu (island) of your dreams, Renewal of Vows & Honeymoon celebrations – all undertaken in exceptional locations, all at considerable cost savings without compromising on quality.

Events of any size can be organised. Working closely with you, your celebrations are tailored to fit your specific needs, your expectations & your dreams to ensure you have a ceremony that is uniquely yours ……. from the intimate to the incredible!


Our staff are fluent in English, French & Tahitian with Japanese clients welcome, as one of the team who was born in Tahiti actually lived in Japan for 5 years. We are ready to assist you with your every need in terms of translation & interpretation.


1. Civil Marriage

The Civil Marriage is the only internationally recognised, legal marriage in French Polynesia.

So as to avoid disappointment for you we will secure the date & time for your Civil Marriage & have the Town Hall open a wedding file for you immediately you appoint us to act on your behalf.

Bora Bora Insider – Wedding Planner is the leading local specialist in assisting foreigners to understand their obligations so as to be legally married in Bora Bora & is uniquely placed to be able to assist BOTH from the point of view of what the authorities in Bora Bora require, & also – as Roderick Page has a legal background – in terms of the manner in which such requirements can be met by those from English speaking countries.

For your marriage to proceed there is a strict procedure to follow, numerous documents to furnish & time-lines to be met. It can be a complex & somewhat daunting issue – so take the worry out of your wedding & let Bora Bora Insider – Wedding Planner assist you with the administrative requirements needed.

Bora Bora Insider – Wedding Planner’s principal, Roderick Page, is a recognized & approved translator/interpreter enabling you to meet the legal requirement that such a person assist at all weddings where French in not the first language of both future spouses.

2. Traditional Tahitian Wedding, Renewal of Vow & Honeymoon celebrations

Through a series of emotionally charged & moving, yet intimate & passionate Traditional Tahitian Ceremonies you will further appreciate why people marry in Bora Bora, why Bora Bora is regarded by many as the world’s most romantic destination, paradise on earth.

These represent both a logical celebration to follow a Civil Marriage but also an excellent ‘stand-alone’ option for those wishing to experience the island’s deep & rich culture whilst celebrating on a private motu alongside waters of legendary colours all overlooked by the mythical Mt Otemanu.


Bora Bora’s leading wedding hair styling & make-up specialists will be ready to attend to your every need.


Wedding decoration follows the traditional Tahitian floral theme where certain flowers & plants, in addition to their inherent beauty, have an integral significance in various ceremonies.

A wide range in choice of floral combinations & accessories to suit the bride & groom. Richly decorated wedding arches, heart-shaped ceremonial areas hand woven from coconut leaves & filled with a thousand flowers leaving a perfumed scent to fill the air, all add up to an unforgettable experience.


An extensive choice of entertainment is available from specialised service providers in the area from appropriate music for the more solemn Civil Marriage service to the exceptional traditional Tahitian music played on traditional percussion instruments, guitars & ukuleles all accompanied by Tahitian singing & dancing produce the legendary impact & ambiance associated with ceremonies & celebrations undertaken on the world’s most beautiful island.

Additional enhancements such as a comprehensive Tahitian Shows, fire dancing, live bands & so on are available ………. it’s up to you.

Contact details are available for you should you require anything special in this area.


On the basis of client acclaim, we propose a unique “Lunch- Feet in the Water”, where clients find themselves sitting knee deep at a parasol shaded table in the middle of Bora Bora’s legendary lagoon, surrounded by 360 degree views, a million miles from anywhere…….

A broad range of offers is available & we can advise you further should you be seeking detailed information.


We work with Bora Bora’s leading photographers & video producers & will respond to your photographic & video needs in guiding you through your options.


NO COMMISSIONS are sought or paid in relation to any activity undertaken by Bora Bora Insider – Wedding Planner or by any of the service providers associated with services appearing on this site. This policy results in clients being able to avail themselves of services at considerable cost savings without there being any compromise on quality.

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