Honeymoon Celebrations


You’re in Bora Bora, an island filled with a compelling energy that exudes love, romance & intimacy, but after 2-3 days chilling-out in the sun, you are looking to burst out, looking to undertake the unforgettable – a unique, full & complete, all stops out, day filled with the very best that Bora Bora can offer, & in so doing seal your committment to a life-long love.

Your private boat will pick you up at your hotel following a late breakfast – honeymoon style – before taking you ‘where the locals go’ on a truly unique island tour discovery encompassing the best dives, in search of manta rays:

massive lemon sharks:


shark & ray feeding:

riding-on-back-of ray-bora

amazing coral dives & thousands of tropical fish:


all culminating in a school of leopard rays guiding you slowly to your island getaway, nothing less than Bora Bora’s best location:


This truly is paradise – beautiful water colours, chrystal clear waters, majestic mountain scenery …. & no other hotel guests inadvertently peering in – it is your to use as you wish & for as long as you like for the rest of the day.

A late’ish, but truly unique, “Lunch – Feet in the Water”, as you find yourselves at a parasol shaded table knee deep in Bora Bora’s sensational lagoon – 360 degree views, a million miles from anywhere.

An after lunch snorkel to find the hidden tikis & buddha before changing into something casual in preparation for the late afternoon special Honeymoon Ceremony including the traditional drinking of the Polynesian equivalent to ‘mead’ encompassing the coconut, the Polynesian symbol of life itself.

A seamless transition to your private boat & out gently onto Bora Bora’s magnificent lagoon for an intimate & romantic sunset.

As the evening starts to call you home, a final salute from the motu with your being offered a special fire-dance – fire, the symbol of passion – performed for you at water’s edge.


Basically you get:

  • the full-blown lagoon tour, +,
  • a unique dining experience in the world’s most beautiful lagoon, +,
  • full & unfetted private useage of Bora Bora’s best location, +,
  • an exceptional honeymoon ceremony, +,
  • a romantic sunset cruise, +,
  • the passion of a fire-dance offered specially for you
  • …… & all this for virtually the cost of any one item listed above!


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