Legal (Civil) Marriage



Those with other than French Nationality can now be married in an internationally recognised, legal Civil Marriage conducted in the Marriage Hall – the hall has a pleasant wooden feel, a panoramic view of Mt Pahia & can comfortably seat around 50 people – at the Bora Bora Town Hall in Vaitape. This is the ONLY way to be legally married in Bora Bora.

There are a number of conditions to be met to be eligible for consideration to be married including that:

  • Both spouses must be at least 18 years old.
  • Neither spouse can be currently married.
  • The spouses must not have a relationship in direct lineage.
  • Both spouses must be physically present during the marriage ceremony to give their consent.
  • There must be at least 2 witnesses to the marriage who are 18 years of age and over.
  • A translator/interpreter must be present at the marriage.
  • A number of legal documents must be lodged with the Town Hall to permit the authorities to satisfactorily identify the parties to be married & to confirm their eligibility to be so married.
 The required documentation includes:
  • A letter addressed to the Mayor of Bora Bora.
  • A completed “Marriage of Foreign Citizens in French Polynesia” Form.
  • Proof of identity of both of the future spouses (eg, copy of passport).
  • An original Birth Certificate issued less than 6 months prior to the date of the marriage for each of the future spouses together with a certified copy in French.
  • In the case of both future spouses having not previously been married each must furnish a ‘Certificate of Celibacy’.
  • If either future spouse has been previously married they must provide an original copy of their Divorce Decree or, in the case that either spouse is a widow or widower, they must provide a Death Certificate together with certified copies in French.
  • Proof of Residence for both of the future spouses (eg, electricity or telephone invoice…)
  • Proof of Identity for the witnesses (eg, copies of the passports) together with details of their residential address & occupation.
  • If applicable, a copy of any Marriage Contract (or a Notary Certificate) together with a certified copy in French.
  • If applicable, a Certificate of Publication & Non Opposition to Marriage.
  • Documentation to establish the credentials of the translator/interpreter.

The Mayor may, if he deems necessary to verify that all the required conditions are met, request any additional document for that purpose &/or to request that the future spouses be interviewed, either jointly or separately at the French Embassy or Consulate in their country of residence.


It can be a complex issue preparing appropriate documents, some of which require drafting in both French & English, knowing which legal documents will suffice in terms of certain circumstances such as a divorce or a pre-nuptual agreement & so on. There are significant & substantial differences between recognised documentation under French law & those used in English speaking countries.

When considering expenses, the true costs lie not in the up-front costs associated with the Town Hall but in ensuring the significant cost savings that can be found in our being able to draft certain documents for you in both English & French, in knowing where to find acceptable translators & in knowing which level of legal qualification will suffice in witnessing various documents, &, in particular, in knowing how to control what can be a significant cost over-run in paying to translate numerous pages of documentation that are NOT required, amongst other areas. Add to this the inevitable difficulties in coordinating dates & times with your cruise or holiday, with various ceremonies you may be undertaking ………

Avoid disappointment, save on your ultimate over-all costs & take the worry out of your wedding. Let Wedding Bora Bora’s team, certain with legal training, attend to the administrative requirements for your marriage to proceed.


CIVIL MARRIAGE – Your actual ceremony

In the case of being retained to assist with an internationally recognised, legal Civil Marriage, Wedding Bora Bora will:

  • Attend the Town Hall on your behalf to secure the preferred date & time for your Marriage & have a wedding file opened for you. This will be done immediately you instruct us to act for you so as to avoid any disappointment for you & will be done without payment of any fees even should you decide not to proceed with us. (Civil Marriages are not conducted on Saturdays, Sundays and public holidays).
  • Assist you in the satisfactory completion & lodgement of the required legal documentation.
  • Coordinate all matters relating to your marriage with the relevant authorities.
  • Meet with you upon your arrival in Bora Bora to take you through matters, to explain what lies ahead & to answer any questions.
  • Meet you on your wedding day in advance of your ceremony, welcoming you with traditional “Presidential” shoulder leis to signify the importance both of the occasion & of those wearing them.
  • Provide the legally required translator/interpreter for your ceremony – Roderick Page, Principal of Bora Bora Insider – Wedding Planner & founder of  Wedding Bora Bora, is such an approved & recognised person).
  • Provide the witnesses for your marriage as required by law.
  • Arrange for you to be presented with a legal Marriage Certificate following your marriage.

We can, of course, offer numerous enhancements to your ceremony including the famous, traditional crown leis, a bridal bouquet, spectacular petal confetti thrown from a hand-woven basket fashioned from coconut fronds, appropriate musicians & so on. Check this out for the ambiance we can generate if required – ukulele & guitar – a ceremony planned & organized by Roderick Page.

We works with Bora Bora’s leading photographers & video producers as well as hair & make-up specialists so just let us know your requirements & we will attend to your every need.

Transfers, including those by boat from the major hotels, will be arranged & conducted by Manu Tours so as to ensure your captain is fully licensed, your transport properly maintained & so as to ensure that all appropriate insurance is in place.

The Civil Marriage lends itself to those looking to celebrate their life-long love in an associated Traditional Tahitian Wedding.





To contact Roderick Page who, as mentioned in all Wedding Bora Bora Testimonials as well as extensively on TripAdvisor & so on, prepared & organised these events please make contact as follows:

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