Bora Bora weddings are unforgettable.  I came to Tahiti in 1995 &, together with my Tahitian wife, Myriama, spent a number of wonderful years living in Vairao (right next to the legendary Teahupoo), then later in Papeete & finally in beautiful Papara. By 2012 we were fully settled in Bora Bora where in 2014 we staged “Bora Bora’s biggest ever destination wedding” (citing the Mayor of Bora Bora). Given the stunning beauty of Bora Bora, the kind & generous nature of its people & the sheer joy of couples expressing their life-long love, it seemed inevitable that we would continue in the wedding business.

The business continued to prosper & to grow, & unbeknown to most prior to this announcement – other than the Mayor of Bora Bora, Mr Gaston Tong Sang – is the fact that several months ago I decided to gift the business to a group of local Tahitians headed by Aea, my tahua (wedding planner & the best there is in the business). I have long been a critic of a system that sees those without a diploma, lost from permanent employment forever; a system where criteria such as ‘the best person for the job’ doesn’t count. Tahitians are a people who are kind & generous to a fault, deeply engaged in their rich culture, possessed of wonderful smiles & an ability to receive people that is second to none, for whom to party is innate, natural leaders proud to show off their fenua (Bora Bora) ……the very people those who visit these shores deserve to find & be rewarded by their kindness & generosity.

In deciding to return to Australia & in the face of expressions of interest to purchase the business, I decided to ‘put my money where my mouth is’ & give the business to Aea who I believe is more than up to the task & truly merits the chance. With the transfer of the business now long behind us, I have for some time now been assisting Aea’s sister, Patricia – who speaks English & has worked in the accounts department of a leading resort here – in understanding the finer details of operating such a business. She gives the business the depth it needs to truly service english speaking clients. I will continue on as an honorary consultant for as long as is required.

Here’s a photo of the man himself (taken in 2014 when he officiated at Bora Bora’s largest ever destination wedding):


AEA is the  best in the business & by far – he was the tahua for my own daughter’s wedding….there can be no better reference than that!  If you are wondering, AEA has been performing Traditional Tahitian Weddings, Renewal of Vows & associated ceremonies & events for over 10 years now, saying that he has performed “in the thousands” of such ceremonies. The reason he loves the game is the happiness & joy that he can see that he brings to others. Aea & his team will lift the concept of a destination wedding in Bora Bora to new levels.
You can contact Aea in using this Contact Form or via a PM on Wedding Bora Bora Facebook (but not on the website carrying the same name which has been hijacked).

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