You’re on your honeymoon in Bora Bora – a couple of glorious days in the world’s most beautiful lagoon just chilling out ……… After 2-3 days ‘sun-baking’ – you’re looking for something new something special to celebrate your commitment to a lifelong love. You’re only going to do this once after all – so it best be unique & unforgettable.

There’s a great new concept put together by an experienced team – Honeymoon Bora Bora has taken the offer in Bora Bora to new levels, to another dimension offering couples the chance to celebrate their honeymoon in a day amidst all the best that Bora Bora can offer. Honeymoon Bora Bora has got it right with this ‘honeymoon in paradise’.

The beaming honeymooners are picked up at their resort in a boat reserved uniquely for them for the day. The intimacy of having a private boat is readily apparent as is the opportunity to adventure ‘off the beaten track’, to find their ‘secret spot’, to avoid the crowds, & to stay as long as they like in any given site or move on as suits them. It all adds up to an experience where the feeling of being in paradise on earth is intoxicating.

Some shots of the various craft available – general shots purposely posted here showing a larger number of people aboard – to give readers a feel for the size of the craft concerned:




The private tour takes in all the excitement, all the activities & more ….. today they will find their own little corner of paradise. First stop, the search for manta rays – impressive. Then, peppered with visits to ‘special’ sites on the lagoon, glide out through Bora Bora’s only pass to swim with massive lemon sharks – the adrenalin pumps. Back inside the reef to a beautiful stretch of turquoise lagoon to feed the sharks & rays – unreal. Off then to snorkel at the renowned Coral Garden surrounded by thousands of tropical fish…….



The sight of a tropical island in the image of their dreams lies ahead. Whilst still snorkeling, as if by magic, they are welcomed by a large school of eagle rays who will direct them towards the beach….. This is truly the stuff on which the legends of Bora Bora as the world’s most beautiful island are built – a mesmorisingly stunning motu (private island), a location of dreams held by most to be Bora Bora’s best. The following photos speak for themselves…..




This will be their honeymoon base – where in time they’ll celebrate their life-long love in an intimate ceremony conducted at water’s edge. But first, “Lunch – Feet in the Water” right in Bora Bora’s world renowned lagoon – drop-dead colours, 360 degree views & a million miles from anywhere, Mt Otemanu to one side, Raiatea & Tahaa to the other……….. Time together for just the two of you.


The lagoon tempts the couple back in for another refreshing post-lunch dip …… they’ll share the joys of discovering Bora Bora’s sunken tikis & buddha.

This idealic setting later sets the stage for a moving honeymoon celebration that somehow has it all. Performed more as a ‘gift’ than a spectacle it encompasses the beauty of the surroundings, the symbolism & link to nature, the warmth of a generous Tahitian ceremony, the special drinking of ‘Tahitian mead’ for an amorous life blessed with children before the couple move seamlessly to capture the romance of a (private) sunset cruise where the couple can draw on the love they feel that day.

The cruise will escort them homeward bound under star-lit skies but not before stopping en route to consume the passion of a fire-dance offered specifically for the honeymoon couple for a long & happy life together:


The privacy afforded by the motu ensures that there are no other hotel guests inadvertently ‘peering in’, whilst those for whom the ceremony is held are not moved on so as the next ceremony can take place…….there is a certain flow, a certain quality to events at this level.

The motu is protected from the maraamu (a strong southerly that can blow), has wonderful local-style structures in which to shelter as required & appropriate rest rooms – a rarity on such an isolated setting.

Honeymoon Bora Bora understands the importance of a great team to back up a great product & have grouped together the best service providers in the areas concerned. Transport & water activities are provided by Fanfan of Manu Tours thus ensuring all boats are fully maintained, staff are properly licensed & complete insurance cover is in place. Ceremonies are provided by the leading performers in the discipline. There are no hidden commissions which, together with the economies gained in logistics, provides the opportunity to offer these outstanding events in their entirety at considerably reduced prices without any reduction in quality.

The incredible thing is they do all this for the one crazy price.

POST SCRIPT – IMPORTANT – If you wish to contact Honeymoon Bora Bora do so via their Facebook Page (the web-site is currently under construction) or through Bora Bora Insider

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